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SPOT e-Learn

A self-paced online learning course to help us capitalize on social protection as a key policy instrument to achieve inclusive and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.

Why take the SPOT e-Learn Course?

  • Are you a mid-career level professional working in government, civil society or an academic?
  • Are you keen to expand your knowledge of benefit schemes across the lifecycle?
  • Do you want to know options on how to widen social protection coverage?

The SPOT e-Learn Course is a set of five self-paced e-learning modules designed for mid-career professionals looking to deepen their understanding of key design features to promote wider social protection coverage.
Key questions the SPOT e-Leam Course will address:
  • What are the core objectives of social protection, and why is it critical for families and societies?
  • What are the main barriers to achieving universal social protection?
  • What are the key options to extend social protection and how do they work?
  • What should policymakers consider when designing and implementing a social protection system?


All participants who finish the course will receive a certificate upon completion.

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