About Social Protection Online Toolbox

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What is SPOT?

SPOT is...
The ESCAP Social Protection Online Toolbox (SPOT) is a knowledge sharing platform which supports member States in Asia and the Pacific to implement the ESCAP Action Plan to Strengthen Regional Cooperation on Social Protection in Asia and the Pacific (Action Plan) and establish inclusive and comprehensive social protection systems.
SPOT includes a simulation tool to estimate how extending social protection benefits can reduce poverty and inequality and boost the consumption of different types of households in rural and urban areas. The simulation tool can estimate the investment needed to support the extension of benefits.
SPOT provides an online learning tool with five self-paced training modules. These cover the role of social protection, the simulation tool and key schemes such as child benefits, disability benefits and old age pensions.
SPOT hosts policy resources such as country experiences, policy reports, research papers, primers, videos and events undertaken to support the implementation of the Action Plan.

What is ESCAP doing on social protection?

As the region accelerates progress to achieve the 2030 Agenda, universal social protection will be crucial to foster a more inclusive, resilient and prosperous Asia-Pacific.
ESCAP advocates universal social protection with benefits set at a minimum level: the social protection floor. It works to strengthen the capacity of policymakers in the Asia-Pacific region to design, implement and finance inclusive social protection to achieve the 2030 Agenda. ESCAP:
  • Convenes governments to strengthen regional cooperation and implementation of the Action Plan
  • Simulates the impact of how social protection boosts consumption, reduces poverty and inequality
  • Deepens skills on social protection through five self-paced online trainings
  • Builds the evidence on what works and what countries are doing

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